About Us

Luz Private Limited (Luz) is aleading supplier of integral lighting solutions for professional indoor and outdoor lighting applications. Luz has been developing innovative, custom lighting solutions that meet extremely demanding requirements in terms of ergonomics, economic efficiency and environmental compatibility and also deliver aesthetic added valuethroughbranded lighting, fittings & fixtures exclusively from Europe.

Luz uses integral lighting solutions to create lighting scenes that make it possible to experience the interaction between light and architecture in all its varied complexity. The combined use of luminaires, lighting management is geared towards the architecture of a building.

Luz have spent over two decades in helping clients to harness the full potential and power of Lighting. We have worked in providing smarter and more cost effective Lighting Solutions, pushing the boundaries to best suit our clients’ needs. With genuine, interest and enthusiasm for the business we are in, we create and maintain Lighting Solutions for a wide range of clients of all sizes in an array of industries and government. At Luz, We believe that great lighting can have a positive effect, not only on the look of the architecture, but also on the people within. “Luz” is a Spanish term for light and we are the only company in Sri Lanka that can provide bespoke lighting fixtures. At Luz, We thrive on personal relationships, inspiring designs & sustainable lighting atmosphere.

Luz are the exclusive agent for LEDS-C4-Spain, a company with over 40 years’ experience in design, development and manufacture of lighting solutions and is renowned for their unmatched craftsmanship & quality, with a vast range of products to suit architectural lighting needs.

Luz has a well-established showroom located in the heart of Colombo showcasing a range of modern and innovative lighting solutions catering for any need.

Our Partner

The light, a powerful element to generate feelings and emotions. There is no architecture without light. At LEDS-C4, they believe in light and in its potential to assist the comfort of people in their different life situations

LEDS-C4, a Spanish manufacturer of exclusive, decorative lighting products, in the business of lighting for 30 years. LEDS-C4 prides itself on being able to manufacture and supply lighting solutions across the board and is experienced in design, development and manufacture of lighting solutions, serving over 13,000 customers in 140 countries around the world. The company operates in all lighting segments, indoors and outdoors alike. We are well-known thanks to our high flexibility concept to offer ad hoc solutions for specific needs.

Their passionate investigation of the possibilities of light has shown them how it can influence different spaces and the way we perceive them. They apply that knowledge in the development of every new lighting design and in the study of every new lighting project, with the aim of achieving the desired singularity for each different area to light.

Over 9000 product references make up LEDS-C4’s seven collections, which are continually being redeveloped in order to suit a wide variety of needs and lighting styles: modern, traditional, classic, commercial, architectural and outdoor (private spaces), as well as urban (public outdoor spaces).

LEDS-C4 also boasts the exclusive GROK range of lamps, conceived by world renowned designers. This contemporary range of luminaries combines design, quality and innovation to provide works of art sure to enhance any environment.